About us

Our little family consists of Jane (1975) and Flemming (1972) and a bunch of Norwegian Forest Cats.
We live in a family house in a small town in the southern part of Denmark. Our cats have free access to all of the house and the garden, which is fenced for their safety.
Fencing the garden was the first thing we did when moving in, and it's the best decision we've ever made - the cats are really enjoying the garden and they spend as much time as possible out there chasing insects and birds or just enjoying the sunshine.
We never really planned to start breeding cats, although at the same time there was no doubt in our minds, that if we were to breed cats, we would breed Norwegian Forest Cats as this fantastic cat with it’s gentle and loving temper has stolen our hearts completely!

However, we're curious people who like to learn new things, so we've participated in lots of courses about genetics, diseases, breeding etc. and somewhere along the way we started thinking that maybe breeding would be something for us after all.

None of us like to jump into anything unprepared, so we've tried to prepare ourselves as well as we can for something like this by taking all these courses, expanding our network and by talking to breeder friends. Of course we still have a lot to learn, but we have a good network of experienced breeders who support us and we feel well-prepared to take the next step with our first queen, Morgunstrálans Jelly Bean, entrusted to us by Joan and Sigmar of DK*Morgunstrálan - we're very thankful for this little gem who will be the foundation for DK*Vorbeck.
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