J-litter: In memory of

Portishead Forest Myths*NL
NFO n 03
GIC NO*NeverWoods Ajani Goldmane
NFO n 09 23

Both parents are HCM normal, GSD4 N/N and PKdef N/N.

Birth date:  29.06.2018

Pedigree of the litter

Name and pictureSexColourStatus

DK Vorbeck's Huatli, Warrior Poet

F n 09 23  Available

DK Vorbeck's Kiora, Master of Depths

F n 09 23 Sold

DK Vorbeck's Ajani Goldmane Jr.

M n 09 Booked 

DK Vorbeck's Elspeth, Sun's Champion

F n 03 Booked
Available: The kitten is not yet booked or sold
Interest: Someone asked about the kitten, but it is not booked. Requests are still welcome
Booked: The kitten is booked
Sold: The kitten is sold and has moved to its new home
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