03.01.2021 - Q-litter is here
2 weeks ago our Q-litter was born. This litter is the same combination as our O-litter that only gave us 2 kittens. This time we got 4 boys and a girl. See more here.
13.09.2020 - Welcome to Fíriel
About a month ago our new girl IT*Eryn Galen Fíriel moved in. She's a beautiful tortie girl with many qualities and a super temper. She's already been on her first show, where she was BIS kitten both days in tough competition. See more here.
11.08.2020 - 3 litters - N, O og P
We haven't been too good to update our website during the summer, but now all 3 litters have their own page with pictures etc. All kittens from N-litter are booked and will move in September, except from Never Ever who stays with us. From O- and P-litter there are 2 girls available, but we prefer to sell them for show and breeding. See all litters here.
24.05.2020 - Our N-litter has been born
On May 14th our N-litter was born. The mother is Azalea and the father is DK Achilla Layla's Ekko. See more here.
01.04.2019 - Our K-litter has been born
Last Tuesday Portishead gave birth to 4 big beautiful kittens. Allegrias is the proud father of the kittens, who are named after kingdoms. See more here.
10.03.2019 - We are expecting 2 litters
Both Portishead and Fiorentina has been mated. See more under Plans.
26.11.2018 - We have a JUNIOR WINNER
In the weekend Allegrias obtained his 5th. best in show as a kitten/youngster and thus gets the title of junior winner which he can carry with him for the rest of his life. We are extremely proud of him especially because he's the son of our Ajani whom we lost too early.
06.07.2018 - Our J-litter has been born
Last Friday Portishead gave birth to 5 big beautiful kittens. Ajani is the father of the litter and as this is his last litter, it is a in memory of Ajani litter and the kittens are named by Ajani's breeder. See more here.
23.05.2018 - We have lost Ajani
Saturday May 5th. we suddenly and tragically lost Ajani. See more here.
25.02.2018 - Our I-litter has been born
On 21.02.2018 Chilaca gave birth to 5 beuatiful kittens. Ajani is the father of the litter. See more here.
17.01.2018 - We expect kittens
Chilaca has been mated with Ajani, and it seems like she's pregnant, and we expect kittens around February 21st. See more here.

03.05.2017 - Our H-litter has been born
Last Sunday Portishead gave birth to 5 beautiful kittens, but unfortunately we lost one of them shortly after. The remaining kittens are strong and healthy. The father of the litter is CH S*Silent Hills Knockout. See more here.
05.04.2017 - Our G-litter has been born
Yesterday Azalea gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens. Celtic is the father of the litter. See more here.
19.01.2017 - New breeding male
Meet NO*NeverWoods Ajani Goldmane our future breeding male from Norway! Ajani moved in between christmas and new year and he's the sweetest boy. See more here.
17.01.2017 - We have kittens!
On January 6th Doolandella gave birth to 6 kittens. Unfortunately we lost 3 of them in the following days due to an infection. The rest of the kittens have been treated with antibiotics and they seem to make it. Fortuna was unfortunately born with a umbilical hernia, but it was quickly closed up, and she's doing fine, but this means she is only available as pet. See more here.
28.11.2016 - We expect kittens
Rocky has mated Doolandella and we're quite sure she's pregnant. If all goes well, and we hope it does this time, we espect kittens in the beginning of January. See more here.
23.08.2016 - Unfortunately no kittens
We have unfortunately lost all the kittens in the litter we were expecting with Pippi and Rocky. We are really sad as we were really looking forward to this litter. At the same time Pippi has been neutered. Read more here.
14.07.2016 - We expect kittens
It seems Pippi is pregnant, and we expect a new litter in August. See more here.
15.06.2016 - All kittens are booked
All kittens from the E-litter are now booked. Hopefully we expect a new litter in the middle of August. More about this when we are sure.
14.03.2016 - We have a JUNIOR WINNER!
DK Vorbeck's Didgeridoo won her 5th. BEST IN SHOW this Saturday in Fossano in Italy and thereby became JUNIOR WINNER! Sunday at the same show she was BEST IN SHOW again! We are so happy and proud of her!
12.03.2016 - We have kittens
Thursday morning Chilaca gave birth to 5 kittens - 3 boys and 2 girls. See more here.
05.02.2016 - We expect kittens
Chilaca has been on a date with Celtic, and we expect kittens mid-March! See more about the coming litter here.
11.12.2015 - Didgeridoo BEST IN SHOW
We are SO proud of Didgeridoo, who on her first show in Italy, where she lives now, became EX1 - BIV - NOM - BEST IN SHOW and best NFO 4-10 months. Biggest congratulations to her owners Cinzia Venga and Domenico de Sisto! Click here to see photos of Didgeridoo taken at the show..
02.11.2015 - Rocky has kittens at DK Robdrup
Rocky is the father of the Vikings-litter at DK Robdrup. Both kittens are still looking for their new home. See more here.
08.09.2015 - The kittens are now 12 weeks old
The kittens are 12 weeks old now. Darwin and Didgeridoo are booked and Doolandella stays here. Dongara is still looking for a new home. See more here.
15.07.2015 - Kittens are 4 weeks old
The kittens are growing up so fast, already 4 weeks old. Darwin is booked, but the girls are under evaluation. Remember there are new pictures weekly. See more here.
23.06.2015 - New pictures of D-litter
There are new pictures of the D-litter, which is now one week old. See more here.
16.06.2015 - Pictures of our D-litter
Pictures of our D-litter is online and they have their own page. See more here.
15.06.2015 - Welcome to the D-litter
Jelly Bean has today given birth to 4 beautiful kittens. The theme for our D-litter is "Down Under", so the kittens have all been given names with relation to Australia: Doolandella (girl), Dongara (girl), Darwin (boy) and Didgeridoo (girl). Photos will follow.
11.05.2015 - Azurite now Supreme Premier
We're very proud of our beautiful Azu who obtained the title of Supreme Premier yesterday in Hårlev! 
04.05.2015 - We expect kittens around June 15th
We are now certain, that Jelly Bean is pregnant, and we've also felt 3 small "bubbles" in her stomach, hopefully that means, that she'll have 3 kittens. See more here.
19.03.2015 - Pocket Piece now International Champion
In the weekend Pippi got her last certificate on the show in Offenburg in Germany, and now she can call herself International Champion.
14.02.2015 - Celtic now International Champion
Today Celtic got his last certificate in class 7 at Göteborgs Raskattklubb's show in Mölndal in Sweden and can now call himself International Champion. Azurite did great too and was 4th best neuter of all at the whole show.
21.12.2014 - Merry Christmas
We wish all of you a merry christmas and a happy new year. Click here to see our christmas card.
11.11.2014 - HCM-scans of Jelly and Rocky
Today it is Jelly Bean's 4th birthday, and we "celebrated" that with a visit to the cardiologist with her and Rocky Road to have them both scanned for HCM. Both had super strong and healthy hearts and could go home with the result "HCM normal".

10.11.2014 - Super show weekend in Poland
We have been to Poznan in Poland with Azurite, Celtic and Chilaca, and Chilaca's brother Coronado was also present at the show. Azurite was NOM Saturday, Celtic was BIV and NOM Sunday, and Chilaca was NOM both Saturday and Sunday. Coronado went all the way and was BIS kitten 4-7 Sunday in a tough panel with 8 cats, where he won with 4 out of 8 votes.
20.10.2014 - Fantastic show weekend
This weekend we were on show in Kolding with 4 cats, and Coronado from our C-litter was also being shown by his new owner Mette. Saturday Azurite was close to becoming best in show but lost by referee judge. Celtic on the other hand won best in show class 11! Sunday Coronado went all the way and won best in show class 12 and after that he was best of best 3 class 11/12. We are incredibly happy and proud
17.09.2014 - New plans
We have new plans when Jelly Bean are ready and when they both have been scanned for HCM. See more here.
22.08.2014 - The kittens have found new homes
The kittens are now 13 weeks old, and both Chimayó and Coronado are booked and will move to their new families next weekend. Chilaca stays home and has got her own page. See more here.
06.08.2014 - Kittens are 11 weeks old
The kittens are now 11 weeks old and the 2 boys are still looking for their future homes. See more here.
09.07.2014 - Kittens are 7 weeks old
The kittens are now 7 weeks old and sweet and funny as ever. See more here.
24.06.2014 - Fantastic show results and new male moved in
This weekend in Vrå DK Vorbeck's Azurite was BEST IN SHOW and later BEST OF BEST neuter on Saturday. We're extremely happy and proud of him!
In other news our future breeding male moved in: We welcome S*Myselisia's Celtic and look forward to following his development. Click here to see Celtic's page.
Also don't forget to see the new pictures of the kittens who are growing really well. See more here.
11.06.2014 - Kittens are 3 weeks old
The kittens are now 3 weeks old and developing very well. See more here.
25.05.2014 - New pictures of the kittens
There are new pictures of the kittens. See more here.
22.05.2014 - We have kittens
Yesterday Pocket Piece gave birth to our C-litter - 2 boys and a girl. See more here.
02.04.2014 - Fantastic show weekend!
Yet again we've had a fantastic show weekend. Saturday we had 4 cats of 4 nominated - and 3 of 5 youngsters in the panel. Sunday we had 2 nominations and S*Viento's Rocky Road was BEST IN SHOW!
24.03.2014 - New plans
Pocket Piece have visited a beautiful and charming red and white Swedish boy, and if all goes well we expect kittens around May 20th. See more here.
17.03.2014 - What a weekend!
In the weekend we went on show in Årslev with Axinite from our A-litter and S*Viento's Rocky Road. Both days Axinite was EX1 - BIV - NOM og BEST IN SHOW in really tough competition! We are so proud of our beautiful homemade boy!
Saturday FI*FoxyPaw's Pocket Piece (Pippi) went on a date with a beautiful Swedish boy - more about this later.
11.12.2013 - New male kitten and a title for Jelly
This weekend we went to Sweden to pick up our new male kitten. His name is S*Vientos Rocky Road - click here to see Rocky's own page. We also brought Jelly Bean with us to a show in Sweden, where she obtained the title Grand International Champion.
22.10.2013 - Diploma breeder etc.
Flemming has passed Felis Danica's diploma breeder education so now we can call ourselves diploma breeders! In the weekend all Pippi's kittens moved to their new homes. Azurite is still looking for a home but in the meantime we'll bring him to the World Show in Aalborg.
25.09.2013 - New pictures of the kittens and showresults
The kittens are now 11,5 and 16 weeks old, and Axinite has moved to his new owner. Azurite and the 2 boys from Pippi's litter are still looking for their new owners. See more here.
29.08.2013 - Result from PK Deficiency tests
Our 3 breeding cats Magnus, Jelly Bean and Pocket Piece have been DNA testet for PK Deficiency which is a blood disease. Fortunately all are negative (N/N).
25.08.2013 - New pictures of the kittens
The kittens are now respectively 7 and 11,5 weeks old, and new pictures from the last month or so have been added. See more here.
31.07.2013 - A-litter 8 weeks
The boys from our A-litter are now 8 weeks old, and new pictures have been added. See more here.
30.07.2013 - B-litter 3 weeks
The B-litter is now 3 weeks old and new pictures have been added. See more here.
19.07.2013 - A-litter 6 weeks
The boys from our A-litter are now 6 weeks old, and new pictures have been added. See more here.
15.07.2013 - B-litter 1 week
The B-litter is now one week old and new pictures have been added. See more here.
10.07.2013 - A-litter 5 weeks
The boys from our A-litter are 5 weeks old today, and new pictures have been added. See more here.
07.07.2013 - B-litter
Pocket Piece gave birth to our B-litter yesterday, and their page is now online with names and pictures. See more here.
04.07.2013 - 3 and 4 weeks photos of the kittens
The kittens are now 4 weeks old, and their page has been updated with 3 and 4 weeks pictures. See more here.
21.06.2013 - 2 weeks photos of the kittens
The kittens are now 2 weeks old, and new pictures of them have been added. See more here.
13.06.2013 - 1 week photos of the kittens
The kittens are now 1 week old, and new pictures of them have been added. See more here.
05.06.2013 - We have kittens
Jelly Bean gave birth to 2 beautiful males during the night. See more here.
01.05.2013 - We expect kittens
An ultrasound has revealed that if all goes well the first litter of DK*Vorbeck will arrive around the date of June 6th. See more here.
03.04.2013 - HCM scans
Today we went to the vet with 4 cats in order to scan for HCM. We brought Jelly Bean, Pocket Piece, Magnus and Ja Rule and they all scanned HCM normal. Results will be published on Pawpeds and Winterfyre
26.02.2013 - We are in the local newspaper
The local newspaper (Budstikken) contacted us to hear if we would be interested in showing our cat paradise in the newspaper. This has resulted in a nice little article. Click here to see the article (sorry, in Danish only).
23.12.2012 - New plans
Homepage is updated with new plans for Jelly Bean.
18.12.2012 - Merry christmas and a happy new year!
We would like to wish all of you a merry christmas and a happy new year - hopefully the new year will bring some kittens for us! Click here to see our christmas card
16.12.2012 - Homepage updated
The page with show results is updated with results from Vissenbjerg and Groningen.
10.11.2012 - Website has gotten a new address
Because of various problems with our .nu web address and mail addresses our website has changed address to The old address will still work in a transition period, but eventually it will be shut down.
22.10.2012 - Show results from Årslev
Flemming was on show in Årslev with Magnus this weekend. It was Magnus' first  show in class 9, and Saturday he got his first CAC from Louis Coste. Sunday Magnus got his second CAC from Cristiano Sandon, and completely unexpected he also took BIV and NOM! NFO gr. 4 is a really tough group, so we're very, very happy! 
Flemming also did well this weekend, he won the title Steward of the Year by Felis Danica!
07.10.2012 - Homepage updated
The homepage has been updated with a page about our males' house and now it's possible to see most of the Judge's Reports on the Show page - just click on the result to open the report.
06.08.2012 - Show results from Dragør
We were on show in Dragør this weekend with Magnus, who became EX1, BIV and NOM on Saturday and EX1 and BIV on Sunday.
19.06.2012 - Show results from Vrå
We have been on show in Vrå this weekend and both days Pippi became EX1 and Magnus EX1 and NOM.
04.06.2012 - Resultats from hobby show
We have been at Dansk Ocicat Klub's hobby show in Vissenbjerg and came home with nice results. Pippi was nominated for sweetest female youngster and ended up as number 4. Magnus was nominated for sweetest male youngster and won! Afterwards all the cats who won their classes were compared and Magnus ended up winning the title "Sweetest in Show".
12.05.2012 - No kittens
It seems that the cats did not agree to our plans. Either Jelly Bean cheated us and was never pregnant, or she lost the kittens at an early stage in the pregnancy. We're currently making new plans for Jelly Bean, keep an eye on the website.
22.04.2012 - Show results from Frederiks
Show results are updated with the results from the show in Frederiks this weekend. EX1 and NOM for both Magnus and Pippi - we're very happy!
08.04.2012 - We expect kittens
S*Golden Oracle's Snoop Dogg has been visiting IC DK*Morgunstrálan's Jelly Bean, and it seems we can expect kittens in May. See more under Plans.
02.04.2012 - Show results from Fredericia
Show results are updated with the results from the show in Fredericia this weekend.
14.03.2012 - DK*Morgunstrálan's Magnus den Gode
Magnus has moved in a couple of weeks ago and now has his own page. Click here to go to Magnus' page.
10.03.2012 - Show results from Rødovre
Pippi got EX1 and BIV from Raymond Saetre and EX2 from Anne Køhn. Magnus EX2 from Raymond and EX1 from Bette Lind.
14.02.2012 - Hobby show
We had a great day at Norsk Skovkattering's hobby show this Saturday. Jelly Bean won the "Best ears" competition and Pocket Piece became second in the competition for "Best triangle".
30.01.2012 - Mail problems
It seems we've had problems receiving some mails for the past few months, so if you have sent us as mail and not received a reply, please resend your mail.
28.01.2012 - FI*FoxyPaw's Pocket Piece
Pocket Piece, or Pippi as we call her, has been living here a few weeks and she now has her own page. Click here to see Pippi's page
04.01.2012 - Flemming in Kattemagasinet
Flemming has been interviewed for Kattemagasinet because of his logo for the World Show 2013, which won the competition in Kattemagasinet. See the article here. Sorry, in Danish only.
24.12.2011 - Merry Christmas
We wish all of you a merry christmas and a happy new year. See our christmas card.
27.11.2011 - Show results from Vorbasse
Saturday Jelly Bean got her second CACIB from Charles Spijker, and today she got her third and last CACIB from Raymond Saetre and she is now International Champion which of course was celebrated with "champagne", sodas, candy, chocolate and Jelly Beans :) See photos here
20.11.2011 - Show results from Flensburg
Saturday in Flensburg Jelly Bean got her last CAC from Luigi Comorio and is now champion. Sunday she got her first CACIB from Mira Fonsén.
24.10.2011 - Show results from Kolding
Jelly Bean got her 2. CAC and a nice judgment from Jørgen Billing on Sunday's show in Kolding. She lost BIV to an older female in class 5, which was later NOM.
26.09.2011 - Show results from Viby Sj.
Jelly Bean got CAC and BIV on her first show in class 9 yesterday! She was judged by Raymond Saetre who liked her very much and called almost everything about her excellent :) We're very happy with the results!
04.09.2011 - Show results from Skørping
Jelly Bean got 2 times EX2 in Skørping but very good judgments from both Hanne Sofie Sneum and Jette Eva Madsen, who really liked her type. Both days EX1 went to a very nice youngster so it was fully deserved.
05.07.2011 - Updated plans
Future plans for Jelly Bean has been updated
16.06.2011 - English version
We're currently working on the new English version of our website. Please be patient while we translate all the pages :)
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